Seasonal effects of drought on the productivity and fodder quality of temperate grassland species [article]

Matthias Arend, Claudia Hahn, Ansgar Kahmen
2019 unpublished
Large parts of the terrestrial ecosystem consist of grasslands. More or less recently (c. 2003 ) grassland ecosystem occupied roughly ¼ of the world's land surface (Mason & yield (Turner & Jones, 1980). As grasslands are widely used for agriculture (e.g. cattle farming), alterations of the nutrient status and the forage quality are of high importance for this sector. The nutrition of plant material is based on a variety of nutrient contents. Nitrogen (N), espe-for dynamic modelling of future
more » ... bal vegetation responses and carbon (C) balances. Additionally, rising interest in sustainable and simultaneously productive land use under climate change is not only concerning the agricultural sector, but society. This thesis shall help providing a better understanding of the seasonal effects of drought events primarily on productivity, but also on underlying ecophysiological processes and
doi:10.5451/unibas-007083436 fatcat:kvxqmiks2jgstmnk33hipuiy3i