Signal Apparatus

1857 Scientific American  
The early portion of last summer was re markably cold while the autumn has been quite mild. It is generally the case, that unusual coldness or heat in one portion of a season is compensated for at another period. There has never, within our recollection, been but one summer in which the general temperature throughout emibited a marked difference from that ordinarily experienced. This was in 1836, and was probably caused by the large spots on the sun which were visible to the naked eye. These
more » ... naked eye. These large dark spots would seem to have detracted temporarily from the heating power of the sun. Heat is continually radiated from the earth into space, and as continually received from the sun. In case the supply be in the least di
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11281857-91e fatcat:ysuihrhkincdrmj3fsr5yfwj3a