Development of Multilingual Assamese Electronic Dictionary

Saiful Islam, Bipul Syam Purkayastha
Language is the most important aspect in the life of all human beings. A language is one of the most important and effective modes of communication between the people belonging to different communities and cultures. The language acts as a bridge among us and helps in creating a bond among our cultures. Therefore, to learn mother language as well as other new languages is very important for us. The dictionary is one of the important tools that can be used for learning new languages. A word is
more » ... ically an association of linguistic sound and meaning. The spelling does not always easily correlate with the sound of a word. A dictionary helps us both with the spelling and pronunciation of such words. Electronic dictionaries are very popular nowadays and many users can be accessed simultaneously on Online. This paper describes the Development of Multilingual Assamese Electronic Dictionary (MAED). The MAED contains four languages, namely Assamese, Bengali, English and Hindi. We have developed Assamese-Bengali, English and Hindi (A-BEH) Dictionary in MAED. The A-BEH Dictionary is a user friendly dictionary and user can easily look up the meanings of words and other related information of the words like word Id, POS, synonyms and examples from Assamese language to Bengali, English and Hindi languages on Online. This dictionary will be beneficial for Assamese people as well as other people living in India.