The role of sterols in plant response to abiotic stress

Agata Rogowska, Anna Szakiel
2020 Phytochemistry Reviews  
Sterols are integral components of the membrane lipid bilayer and they are involved in many processes occurring in plants, ranging from regulation of growth and development to stress resistance. Maintenance of membrane homeostasis represents one of the principal functions of sterols in plant cells. Plant cell membranes are important sites of perception of environmental abiotic factors, therefore, it can be surmised that sterols may play an important role in the plant stress response. The aim of
more » ... this review was to discuss the most representative trends in recent studies regarding the role of sterols in plant defense reactions to environmental factors, such as UV radiation, cold and drought stress. Some correlations were observed between changes in the sterol profile, referring to the ratios of individual compounds (including 24-methyl/ ethyl sterols and sitosterol/stigmasterol) as well as the relative proportions of conjugated sterols (ASGs, SGs and SEs) and the nature of the stress response. Diversity of sterols and their conjugated forms may allow sessile plants to adapt to environmental stress conditions.
doi:10.1007/s11101-020-09708-2 fatcat:d2uiwnv65naftjz24widjul3rm