Гибридный фотоприемник среднего инфракрасного диапазона на основе полупроводниковых квантовых ям

В.С. Кривобок, А.Д. Кондорский, Д.А. Пашкеев, Е.А. Екимов, А.Д. Шабрин, Д.А. Литвинов, Л.Н. Григорьева, С.А. Колосов, М.А. Чернопицский, А.В. Клековкин, П.А. Форш
2021 Technical Physics Letters  
A hybrid mid-infrared photodetector has been implemented, in which silicon carbide (SiC) particles are used to increase the interaction of the electromagnetic field with the electronic subsystem of quantum wells. On the basis of direct measurements of infrared photoconductivity and calculations within the framework of the finite difference method in the time domain, it is shown that this approach makes it possible to increase the sensitivity of such infrared photodetector to electromagnetic
more » ... ation by reversing the direction of polarization of the electric field, including in the near zone of SiC particles.
doi:10.21883/pjtf.2021.08.50851.18656 fatcat:jvvr2vjzvbdbfnpq3zgrhyteom