Compression of hyper-spectral images using an accelerated nonnegative tensor decomposition

Jin Li, Zilong Liu
2017 Open Physics  
Nonnegative tensor Tucker decomposition (NTD) in a transform domain (e.g., 2D-DWT, etc) has been used in the compression of hyper-spectral images because it can remove redundancies between spectrum bands and also exploit spatial correlations of each band. However, the use of a NTD has a very high computational cost. In this paper, we propose a low complexity NTD-based compression method of hyper-spectral images. This method is based on a pair-wise multilevel grouping approach for the NTD to
more » ... for the NTD to overcome its high computational cost. The proposed method has a low complexity under a slight decrease of the coding performance compared to conventional NTD. We experimentally confirm this method, which indicates that this method has the less processing time and keeps a better coding performance than the case that the NTD is not used. The proposed approach has a potential application in the loss compression of hyper-spectral or multi-spectral images
doi:10.1515/phys-2017-0123 fatcat:uuykztrxkrf4zibekjefnfcvym