The Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, January 20, 1931] [article]

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BaMwin Savs There Will Be Early Electii Four Hundred Killed and Wounded; One Thousand More Capture by Bandits Kwtileh. China. Jan. 20.-Bandiu killed and wounded 400 per-,ons and kidnapped one thousand others in capturing and looting at a to^^20 miVs south ot here today. The military garrison of 10,-000 soldiers about the town did not oppose the outlaw-s. This and other parts of Honan province continued in the grip of the coldest spell experiences in twenty years. The populace has suffered and
more » ... ere have been many deaths. SEMPJm F.1IISI0FIND \ ktsfia, Jan. 31-"Have failed *to i;el thniugh to K«rrt McIaCtM! ami run pmcoTHi OF Mid ON TI^E.y.RF. .nlirely onl li>o4. Am goii« back. o,mn J. II Cameron. V ictoria. Jan. a).-A dclanilion iroro the Chamber of romnicrcc will wait A Jiht in' Hc» takrn by me i» here. My fert and ftiiRcr tifM arc frost bit ten. 1 have a1>anck>ncrotr»t against the taking off of the aflernmm trains to and from Wellingl*m. which it is proprtsed to do owimr 15~»riftrii by J<*n Noel Patrh Ben-; u, Uck of business. The withdram-a! nrtt. 18-ycar-old Brltiab school boy. ">i the service is set for Feb. 1. who ret .ml atcaitSt all advice to make j The matter came hefore the ditec-" . ^ , 1.1, way irom f.mce Omiie to Fort Me-| tor. of the Chamhee yesterday when NanaUnO-Ledar Turn in Your Low^cores 8 1 .iw l.iitirs -ji"l H I,rn* .Mfii thi* week will .pulif) f..r T. tsr u-iimnt Play ..n Jan, 2'»tli and vVlth 'IhlT.I Fivdit "1 T<'!IMl.,|iK-fi! for 19.10
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