1921 Annals of Applied Biology  
rc.ft!r ti, ] k i t e s in Kidgway's ('dour Standards and Nornednttcre. 14. 4. 20. Six young walnut trees planted in separate tins were numbered (1-6) and inoculated with the six organisms tested in experiments A-C. 19.4. 20. Numerous minute water-soaked spots on young leaves on tree (3) which was inoculated with B. Juglardis. 5. 5. 20. Spots on tree (3) have discoloured and assumed typical appearance of walnut blight lesions. All other trees remained sound and showed no sign of infection. E.
more » ... . 4. 20. Six tins each containing four well-grown cabbage seedlings were used; the tins were numbered (1-fi), the four plants in each being inoculated with one of the same six organisms. 24. 4. 20. There is an indication of blackening of veins a t edges of some of the leaves in tin ( l ) , plants inoculated with R. campestre. 12. 5. 20. Cabbage plants in tin ( 1 ) show typical black rot lesions. No sign of infection in any of the other tins (2-6). F. 14. 4. 20. Four bean seedlings were inoculated with each of the six organisms. Tins again numbered (1-61, four secdlings in each, and inoculated in the same sequence as in experiment A. 19. 4. 20. A few water-soaked areas visible on leaves of plants iu tin (4) inoculated with B. Phuseoli. 20. 4. 20. Very numerous points of infection now visible on plants in tin ( 4 ) . 30. 4. 20. Leaves of bean plants in tin (4) now heavily infected and showing numerous typical bean blight lesions. No sign of infection on plants in tins (1-3) and (5-6) inoculated with other organisms. Inoculation on to other Hosts. A. 7. 4. 20. 12 tobacco seedlings about six inches high were atomised with a culture 13. 4. 20. No sign of infection. 7. 5.20. Still no sign of infection-plants discarded. of the tomato organism. B. 7. 4. 20. Two plants of Phy,dis minima were inoculated by atomising with a 13. 4. 20. Numerous minute water-soaked spots observed on younger leaves. 17. 4. 20. Spots have increased in size, are somewhat angular, and are becoming brown. Control plants show no sign of infection. Re-isolated organism from infected leaves and found it to be identical with thc original. C. suspension of a potato culture. 7 . 4 . 2 0 . One plant of Datitra stramoniihm var. tatula was inoculated by atomising with a suspension of a culture of the tomato organism.
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