The Effects of the Level of Enrichment for Analogies upon Students' Mapping and Conceptual Understanding in Concept Learning about Boyle's Law
보일의 법칙에 대한 개념 학습에서 비유의 부연 수준이 학생들의 대응 관계 이해 및 개념 이해에 미치는 영향

You-Jung Kim, Kyung-Sun Kim, Tae-Hee Noh
2010 Journal of the Korean Chemical Society  
This study investigated the effects of the level of enrichment for analogies upon students' mapping, conceptual understanding, and the types of mapping errors in concept learning about Boyle's Law. Analogical reasoning ability test was administered and the score was used as a blocking variable. Three types (simple, enriched, and extended analogies) of learning materials according to the level of enrichment for analogies were studied by randomly assigned middle school students, and a conceptions
more » ... , and a conceptions test and a mapping test were administered immediately. The retention tests of both were administered four weeks later. Analyses of the results revealed that there was no main effect in the level of enrichment for analogies, but there was interaction effect with analogical reasoning ability in the post test on mapping. And the score of enriched analogy group was significantly higher than those of simple analogy group, but the score differences among three groups were not significant in the retention test on conceptual understanding. The frequency of the total mapping errors in the simple analogy group was the highest, and the frequencies of most types of mapping errors in the enriched and the extended analogy groups were less than those in the simple analogy group. There were also some differences in the frequencies of mapping errors with respect to the level of analogical reasoning ability. Therefore, these results will help science teachers plan and practice instructions using analogy.
doi:10.5012/jkcs.2010.54.02.248 fatcat:7tp7ffvy7fe2fnpc5jrjm45bl4