Recent Advances in Discovery of Lead Structures from Microbial Natural Products: Genomics- and Metabolomics-Guided Acceleration

Linda Sukmarini
2021 Molecules  
Natural products (NPs) are evolutionarily optimized as drug-like molecules and remain the most consistently successful source of drugs and drug leads. They offer major opportunities for finding novel lead structures that are active against a broad spectrum of assay targets, particularly those from secondary metabolites of microbial origin. Due to traditional discovery approaches' limitations relying on untargeted screening methods, there is a growing trend to employ unconventional secondary
more » ... bolomics techniques. Aided by the more in-depth understanding of different biosynthetic pathways and the technological advancement in analytical instrumentation, the development of new methodologies provides an alternative that can accelerate discoveries of new lead-structures of natural origin. This present mini-review briefly discusses selected examples regarding advancements in bioinformatics and genomics (focusing on genome mining and metagenomics approaches), as well as bioanalytics (mass-spectrometry) towards the microbial NPs-based drug discovery and development. The selected recent discoveries from 2015 to 2020 are featured herein.
doi:10.3390/molecules26092542 pmid:33925414 fatcat:nbn4sda5b5dujd37evfv5tcqbq