The Alternative Directions of Entrepreneurship in Beekeeping
Альтернативні напрями підприємництва у бджільництві

D. O. Baldyk, Luhansk National Agrarian University
2020 Bìznes Inform  
The article is aimed at researching the possibilities of using alternative directions of agricultural production in beekeeping as an additional resource to ensure the efficiency of entrepreneurship. Approaches to the development of the potential of the industry in order to increase economic results due to untapped and hidden opportunities are considered. In particular, in the industry of cattle breeding there is a certain shortage of natural high-quality protein feed, and in the field of
more » ... the field of beekeeping the honey base suffers a fairly low level of differentiation and, as a result, almost all honey produced in Ukraine is monofloral – from sunflower. It is not a high-precision product and is not very appreciated in the honey market due to rapid crystallization. The share of sunflower in the structure of acreage in the State is quite high, its size during the years of independence increased more than 3.5 times, including due to perennial herbs. It is proposed to look for hidden opportunities in this very context, through the introduction of a number of organizational, technological, agronomic, regulatory measures to use untapped opportunities in order to improve the effectiveness of entrepreneurial activities in each industry and to better the qualitative indicators on other sensitive issues in the agrarian sector. The article examines the possible impact of conducting production activities in beekeeping in view of implementing the soil-saving measures. The approach to improving the economic results of agricultural enterprises by optimizing and rationalizing the main types of activity and alternative industries, which on the basis of bifurcation positively influence the increase of economic efficiency of entrepreneurial activity, is researched. The system of organization of measures related to the use of additional potential by performing agrotechnological operations that increase productivity in a separate revenue-forming activity of both major and alternative productions is proposed.
doi:10.32983/2222-4459-2020-11-171-176 fatcat:smyrpdvcqbdy3bglonzwsovjty