The econometric model with energy-saving effect of LSD and its application to industrial structure *

Xiaocui Song, Zhibin Wu, Jiuping Xu
2010 UK World Journal of Modelling and Simulation   unpublished
Low carbon economy has been becoming a hot issue worldwide, and China is playing an important role in the development of low-carbon economy. Economic growth and energy demand are closely related, and energy-saving to industrial structure is significant in the low-carbon development. In order to analyze the economic structure of the system, forecast the trend of its economic development and energy demand, reducing carbon emissions, this paper uses econometric models combining historical data
more » ... present situation. LSD, the city we have chosen has been, is one of the most representative cities on the low carbon economy in China. A clear understanding of the relation between energy demand and economic structure would help planners to understand the implications of changes in the exogenous variables when the underlying relationships are fairly stable. Analyzing the application results, we deeply hope this can offer useful suggestions for other areas like LSD.