Dietary Administration of Probiotics, Bacillus sp. IS-2, Enhance the Innate Immune Response and Disease Resistance of Paralichthys olivaceus against Streptococcus iniae
Probiotics를 양식넙치에 투여시 Streptococcus iniae에 대한 면역반응 및 병저항성

Ik-Soo Jang, Dong-Hwi Kim, Moon-Soo Heo
2013 The Korean Journal of Microbiology  
The strains were added to the feed in the concentration of 10 3 , 10 5 , and 10 7 CFU/kg and 2% of fishes were given the feed twice a day (8 AM and 5 PM) for 12 weeks. In result of the nonspecific immune response study to examine Respiratory burst activity, Lysozyme activity and Phagocytosis activity every two weeks until the end of the study, all test samples showed greater activities than control samples and improved immune activity with Bacillus sp. IS-2. The mortality test performed by
more » ... t performed by artificial infection using Streptococcus iniae, a pathogenic bacterium, after the completion of this study also showed over 55% greater survival rate in all test samples. In result of performing PCR using the universal primer to verify that the probiotic stays in the intestines of the fishes, all test samples showed PCR product of 1,465 bp. Based on the above findings, it was concluded that Bacillus sp. IS-2 in the feed improved farmed flatfish's immune system and resistance against diseases as the probiotics. Also, the physiological indicators discovered by this study would be useful for identifying the mechanisms of probiotics.
doi:10.7845/kjm.2013.3033 fatcat:3pfgtruovzb2jmbxsulgztqjca