On When and How to use SAT to Mine Frequent Itemsets [article]

Rui Henriques and Inês Lynce and Vasco Manquinho
2012 arXiv   pre-print
A new stream of research was born in the last decade with the goal of mining itemsets of interest using Constraint Programming (CP). This has promoted a natural way to combine complex constraints in a highly flexible manner. Although CP state-of-the-art solutions formulate the task using Boolean variables, the few attempts to adopt propositional Satisfiability (SAT) provided an unsatisfactory performance. This work deepens the study on when and how to use SAT for the frequent itemset mining
more » ... ) problem by defining different encodings with multiple task-driven enumeration options and search strategies. Although for the majority of the scenarios SAT-based solutions appear to be non-competitive with CP peers, results show a variety of interesting cases where SAT encodings are the best option.
arXiv:1207.6253v1 fatcat:s5a3igmhtzb67cmiber6wqmge4