The Use of Airborne and Mobile Laser Scanning for Modeling Railway Environments in 3D

Lingli Zhu, Juha Hyyppa
2014 Remote Sensing  
This paper presents methods for 3D modeling of railway environments from airborne laser scanning (ALS) and mobile laser scanning (MLS). Conventionally, aerial data such as ALS and aerial images were utilized for 3D model reconstruction. However, 3D model reconstruction only from aerial-view datasets can not meet the requirement of advanced visualization (e.g., walk-through visualization). In this paper, objects in a railway environment such as the ground, railroads, buildings, high voltage
more » ... , high voltage powerlines, pylons and so on were reconstructed and visualized in real-life experiments in Kokemaki, Finland. Because of the complex terrain and scenes in railway environments, 3D modeling is challenging, especially for high resolution walk-through visualizations. However, MLS has flexible platforms and provides the possibility of acquiring data in a complex environment in high detail by combining with ALS data to produce complete 3D scene modeling. A procedure from point cloud classification to 3D reconstruction and 3D visualization is introduced, and new solutions are proposed for object extraction, 3D reconstruction, model simplification and final model 3D visualization. Image processing technology is used for the classification, 3D randomized Hough transformations (RHT) are used for the planar detection, and a quadtree approach is used for the ground model simplification. The results are visually analyzed by a comparison with an orthophoto at a 20 cm ground resolution.
doi:10.3390/rs6043075 fatcat:7m6ykio2unfuteprlhwmmnxpiy