Bahram Sarmast

Alireza Heshmati, Amir Koasemi
2014 Advanced Social Humanities and Management   unpublished
The world market's developments have changed the OPEC to the undeniable necessity through the main countries which produce the gas. In this regard, the Gas OPEC establishing pattern was mentioned through the meeting of Iran's leader with Igor Ivanove Russian Secretary of Security Council in January 30 th , 1980. Iran is aware about the importance of Energy in present and future international marketing. Being in the second rank from the Gas resources after Russia and utilizing the concentrated
more » ... the concentrated tools monopolized to energy in the special geopolitics, and being in the energy oval from Caspian to Persian Gulf with dominant position potential and geopolitical situation in the directions of transferring energy to consuming markets have caused that Iran would have this potential to reach the goal to increase the currency revenues obtained from selling gas in medium term while Iran presents in the local and regional and also European marketing if these countries need and depend to natural gas energy and decreases the political stresses to itself. Therefore, attending to its importance has been paid through this research.