Analysis on Flight Test Results of Reconfiguration Flight Control System
재형상 비행제어 시스템의 비행시험 결과 분석

2008 Journal of Institute of Control Robotics and Systems  
This paper presents the analysis results obtained by the flight test of reconfiguration flight control system for an aircraft. The reconfiguration flight control system was designed by using control allocation scheme that automatically distributes the demanded control moments determined by control law to each actual control surface. In this paper, some control allocation algorithms for reconfiguration control of general aircraft with redundant control surfaces are summarized and their
more » ... e evaluation results through nonlinear simulation and Hardware-In-the-Loop-Simulation (HILS) test are shown. Also, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system adopted as a platform for the flight test of reconfiguration flight controller and the implementation procedure of reconfiguration flight controller into real-time UAV system were introduced. Finally, flight test results were analyzed.
doi:10.5302/j.icros.2008.14.12.1244 fatcat:xhzvtoxndzamhi5voshjgr7wsy