Dos ilustrados y un problema: la educación de los grupos privilegiados en el siglo XVIII. Las obras de Clavijo y Fajardo y Viera y Clavijo

Sebastián Perrupato
2012 Cambios y Permanencias  
The present paper is to compare the educational proposal of two canaries illustrated José de Viera y Clavijo and José Clavijo y Fajardo. They make a substantial contribution to the education of the privileged groups of the Old Regime, amid the political and economic transformations that occur during modernity. Fajardo Clavijo has been one of the least studied Spanish illustrated by the Spanish historiography despite the social relevance came achieved in his time. He worked under the orders of
more » ... lightened policy, but from a different field than they did Jovellanos, Campomanes and Cabarrus among others. Viera y Clavijo, meanwhile, has inherited a strong scholastic theological concern was refined with the reading of learned contemporaries. His concern for education goes beyond the educational reality, transcending the fields of culture and society to settle on the idea of a socio-economic reform through education.
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