A Historical Survey of the Economic Development of Mainland China, 1949-1962

Mandhatasinh A. Chauhan
Chinese agriculture differs from the Western agriculture in the development and utilization of agricultural science on the fields. China has always been an agricultural country, but she failed to improve in techniques of cultivation as the time passed by. The land, prior to the Communist take-over, was owned and cultivated by individuals and the produce was sold in a free-market. Unfortunately, the Chinese government, prior to 1949, failed to bring about adequate agricultural reforms and
more » ... nt economic development measures. As a result an overwhelming proportion of the population of China is occupied on the land, the supply of which is fixed, and the capital resources employed are small, the per capita output and income of China are low. With the vast majority of the population in agriculture and low per capita output, the national income of the country is also low. Thus, China is classified as an underdeveloped nation. Arising from the same problem of overpopulation, the family land was subdivided and fragmented into economically inefficient units before the Communist take-over.
doi:10.26076/0c55-ce99 fatcat:5fhpk24ikbhwxjovdvqw6he6ai