Reverse aggregate nucleation induced by acids in liquid–liquid extraction processes

Christophe Déjugnat, Sandrine Dourdain, Véronique Dubois, Laurence Berthon, Stéphane Pellet-Rostaing, Jean-François Dufrêche, Thomas Zemb
2014 Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP  
This section brings details regarding the following parts: -Dynamic light scattering (page 1) -Static light scattering (page 9) -Activity coefficients (page 21) Dynamic light scattering The first step for exploiting DLS data was to adjust experimental correlation functions (averaged over 3 to 6 single measurements) with monoexponential decays. We have used equation (1): (1) where G(t) was the correlation function, D t the translational diffusion coefficient, and q the normalized value of the
more » ... zed value of the wave vector. Measurements were realized at fixed angle (θ = 173°, backscattering), at fixed wavelength (λ = 633 nm), and always in heptane (refractive index n s = 1.388). Therefore the q value was fixed by the experimental conditions and could be calculated using equation (2): (2) Electronic Supplementary Material (ESI) for Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. This journal is
doi:10.1039/c4cp00073k pmid:24623310 fatcat:44fb7tbpqvb3vjroduyokyo3iy