General self-energy-based formulation of levels coupling in quantum confined structures

M. Vallone
2011 European Physical Journal : Applied physics  
The effect of coupling between levels in quantum wells or quantum dots is described in Green's function formalism. The structure eigenvalues are shown to have a Brillouin-Wigner continued-fraction expression that allows to give a general and intuitive meaning to levels coupling, described in terms of an off-diagonal self-energy. The concept of coupling is linked to a general potential matrix and can be given the same mathematical form for all kinds of coupling (inter-and intra-quantum dot and
more » ... a-quantum dot and quantum well), in which off-diagonal self-energy contributions assume each time a different conceptual meaning. Furthermore, the same scheme, based on off-diagonal self-energies, allows to evaluate renormalization contribution due to each structure energy level in a natural and easy way.
doi:10.1051/epjap/2011110250 fatcat:dapcd7nc3ff2vawiaodqhgxmay