Regulation of T15 idiotype dominance. I. Mice expressing the xid immune defect provide normal help to T15+ B cell precursors

J J Kenny, L S Wicker, G Guelde, I Scher
1982 Journal of Immunology  
The immune response to phosphocholine (PC) in many strains of mice is dominated by the T15 idiotype family of anti-PC antibodies. By introducing the CBA/N X-linked immune defect (xid gene) into these mice, one profoundly alters their ability to make a T15-predominant, IgM anti-PC response. This loss of T15 dominance in mice expressing the xid gene is not due to the presence of suppressor T cells or the lack of T15 idiotype-specific helper cells in these mice. Thus, one can reconstitute a T15
more » ... constitute a T15 idiotype-dominant response in immune defective mice with B cells from normal mice, and in adoptive transfer assays the primed T helper cells from immune-defective mice provide qualitatively the same help to normal B cells as the T helper cells from normal mice. T15 idiotype dominance appears to be controlled by the expression and activation of Lyb-5+ PC-specific B cells. Thus, the majority of T15+ B cell precursors are restricted to this B cell subset, whereas the Lyb-5- B cell subset contains predominantly T15-, anti-PC B cell precursors, which produce mainly IgG antibodies after activation by PC-containing antigens.
pmid:6980941 fatcat:2qa6m5ebanad7iabrrfvripw7i