Analysis of Ensuring Thermal Comfort Using an Intelligent Control System

Zuzana Kolková, Peter Hrabovský, Zuzana Florková, Richard Lenhard, K. Kaduchová, R. Lenhard
2020 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Intelligent buildings are productive, energy efficient and environmentally acceptable. Intelligent buildings should be health, permanent and technologically advanced. It is necessary to predict the development and selection of suitable systems for the thermal comfort for ensure of the thermal comfort in the workplace. It is important to analyse how many thermal factors will affect the population, room temperature uniformity, asymmetry of the radiation temperature and turbulence intensity of the
more » ... ce intensity of the flowing air. Thermal comfort is given by the radiant heat, air temperature, air velocity and relative humidity in the room. The main impact of these factors on the comfort level of individuals depends on the type of clothing and on activity. The wrong thermal comfort is detrimental to workers' health, affects adverse effects on the psyche and increasing the risk of accidents. The thermal comfort of people can be achieved by intelligent management of energy systems in the buildings. The measurement results and settings of intelligent systems are presented in this article.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/202032803017 fatcat:mteygovbcbbk3de7x4fl7zh65e