Stellar Populations and Kinematics in Seyfert Galaxies

N. V. Asari, L. R. Vega, A. Garcia-Rissmann, R. M. González Delgado, T. Storchi-Bergmann, R. Cid Fernandes
2006 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
Our aim is to study the stellar kinematics in hosts of AGN. We do so by measuring nuclear stellar velocity dispersions (σ ). Our sample comprises spectra of 78 objects, 69 of which are Seyfert galaxies, in the region around the λλ8498.02, 8542.09, 8662.14 Calcium triplet (CaT). We investigate two methods to measure σ : (1) the direct fitting method (DFM), which makes use of our stellar population synthesis code Starlight, and (2) the cross-correlation method (CCM), for which we use the fxcor
more » ... we use the fxcor package in iraf. Both methods yield velocity dispersions consistent to within 19 km/s on-average. We have also measured the CaT equivalent width (W CaT) and the λ3933 CaII K equivalent width (WK) for the objects in our sample. Other studies have shown that WK is a powerful tracer of starbursts in Seyfert nuclei, so we check if WCaT can be used in the same way. We have also analysed a sub-sample of 34 spatially resolved objects with reasonably good off-nuclear signal-to-noise. We study the spatial variations of both σ and WCaT. We see no dilution in WCaT for composite starburst + Seyfert 2 galaxies, in contrast to the dilution in the WK (studied by other authors) for the same objects.
doi:10.1017/s1743921306005126 fatcat:m3z4euj3nrhgphxtkoy2zxkqwe