Psychology from the standpoint of a generalist [chapter]

Gregory A. Kimble
Methodological issues & strategies in clinical research.  
This article describes the tenets of a liberalized scientific psychology that all psychologists should find acceptable. Such a science is empirical, deterministic, and analytic. Psychology is the science of behavior. Mentalistic concepts are inferences from behavior, and they play a centrally important role. Intuition, common sense, and personal experience provide hypotheses for this science. The elementist-holist controversy disappears with the understanding that the wholes of science differ
more » ... of science differ at different levels of analysis. Free will can be brought within the scope of determinism. Overt behavior is the product of potentials laid down by nature-nurture interactions and conditions of the moment. Behavior is so complexly determined that individual uniqueness is an expected consequence. In this scheme of things, scientific values control the science of psychology, and humanistic values control the actions of the psychologists who create this science and apply it. Over the years, the process of change in psychology has been evolutionary rather than revolutionary.
doi:10.1037/10109-014 fatcat:7my3bilesrcnjplg6vm6hnswoq