Computing Pattern in Pervasive Healthcare

Sriram R, Madhusudanan J, Prasanna Venkatesan V, Geetha S
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The Pervasive or Ubiquitous computing is the embedded technologies which involve computing and communication capability, which seamlessly integrated with the end user. The concept of pervasive computing composed of Artificial Intelligence, Human Computing Interface and Context-aware Computing which makes computing to appear everywhere and anywhere. Many research is going in Pervasive computing in that healthcare is one of the field which is fast growing. The pervasive computing and healthcare
more » ... combined and known as Pervasive Healthcare. It address those technologies and concept that integrate healthcare more seamlessly to our everyday life. In this project, a framework using the architectural pattern such as pipe and filter pattern and model view controller pattern is proposed. The framework will provide intricate monitoring, and probabilistic and filter algorithm to take the decision accurately. General Terms Pipe and filter architectural pattern and Model View Controller architectural pattern.
doi:10.5120/20429-2758 fatcat:gjjoeuajyjcwpedx2sdbkvfrfu