Commentary on Allan Kellehear's ?Near-death experiences and the pursuit of the ideal society?

Antonia Mills
1991 Journal of Near-Death Studies  
Allan Kellehear's article raised four questions for me: (1) whether the near-death experience (NDE) presents enough data about the nature of a transcendent society for it to be a useful model for earthly societies; (2) the degree to which transcendent societies have to address the practical considerations of a material society; (3) whether NDEs are projections of experiencers' cultural concepts about the nature of the transcendent realm(s); and (4) the kind of hope offered by the growing
more » ... the growing awareness of the features of Western NDEs. I address these questions by referring to transcendent realm concepts and NDEs in the anthropological literature, particularly that of the North American Indian Prophet Movement.
doi:10.1007/bf01074043 fatcat:ky5iy2nkivdn5fjpqijxb2l6wm