Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened by CFRP and Wire Rope

Aziz Ibrahim Abdulla, Khalid Naji Mahasneh, Mohammad W Shaheen, Ammar Saleem Khazaal, Muataz Ibrahim Ali
2018 Journal of Advanced Sciences and Engineering Technologies  
The current research aims to study the effect of static loads on concrete beams strengthened by wire rope. Each beam was subjected to a central concentrated load with an average loading speed of 1 kN/min. The use of steel wire rope has been suggested as a new economical technique to strengthen and rehabilitate reinforced concrete beams, as well as to support the CFRP used in strengthening. The best results were obtained when using either CFRP and wire rope together, or wire rope on its own. It
more » ... as found that strengthening by CFRP and wire rope increased the flexural strength, hardness, and toughness, and decreased the maximum deflection. Furthermore, the use of wire ropes with CFRP increased the splitting strength and prevented the concrete cover separation between CFRP and concrete. The use of wire rope is a new technique that significantly enhances the performance of concrete in flexure. Using a combination of wire ropes and CFRP, and wire rope on its own showed an increase in stiffness up to about 135.24% and 72.13%, and a reduction in ultimate deflection up to about 70.31% and 49.1%, respectively as compared with control beams. Wire ropes can be used in various forms to resist flexure, shear, and torsion stresses due to ease of formation per required shape. Moreover, its efficiency can be enhanced by increasing the rope's diameter or reducing the spacing between the wrapped rope's segments. This renders strengthening by wire rope a new, efficient, and economic technology. © Copyright 2018 JASET, International Scholars and Researchers Association
doi:10.32441/jaset.v1i3.179 fatcat:m7x2hvjmtjenxc7dvsvryz7e6m