Dependence of the Yield of Chemical Coking Products from Coal Concentrates on Their Nature

Elena Vasileva, Tatyana Cherkasova, Sergey Subbotin, Aleksandr Nevedrov, Andrey Papin, Nikolay Kolmakov
2016 Proceedings of the 8th Russian-Chinese Symposium "Coal in the 21st Century: Mining, Processing, Safety"   unpublished
The relevance of the work is justified by the need for a comprehensive assessment of the quality of coal concentrate used to produce coal blends in the coking process, and resources of coking chemical products derived from them. This information is necessary for making optimal coal blends for coking and for planning of coking plants operation. The purpose of work is to study the impact of the qualitative characteristics of the Kuznetsk Basin coal concentrates on the yield and composition of
more » ... ng chemical products for the purpose of making coal blends for coking on their basis. In the course of studies, the following indicators have been identified: the technical analysis, caking, petrographic analysis, the yield of chemical coking products from coal concentrates and strength of the resulting coke residue. The main results of the study are the data on the main indicators of the quality of the investigated coals of the Kuznetsk basin and the coking yield as well as the relationships between these parameters. The results will later be used in the preparation of optimal coal blends for coking in the real production conditions of OAO "Koks".
doi:10.2991/coal-16.2016.65 fatcat:qar2kr4orjd3na4x3px6ycmuie