Stela veterana VII. legije Lucija Vetija Sekunda iz Hrvaca kod Sinja

Dino Demicheli, Domagoj Tončinić
2008 Archaeologia Adriatica  
The article discusses an unpublished monument of Lucius Vetius Secundus, a veteran of the 7 th legion, who while alive erected a funerary monument to himself and another two members of his family. The veteran was originally from the city of Libarna, for which as yet we do not have many confirmations in epigraphy. The inscription is mostly legible, but could not be read in some places, so a reconstruction is suggested. The tombstone supplements in all aspects the epigraphic analyses of testimony
more » ... discovered to the present for legio VII in the region of the Roman province of Dalmatia.
doi:10.15291/archeo.959 fatcat:sp4czhzztbeqzfhkrvqhdsnsoy