Di-μ-chloro-bis{[N,N-bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-ylmethyl)-1-hydroxyethanamine]copper(II)} dichloride dihydrate

Mohamed El Kodadi, Malek Fouad, Abdelkrim Ramdani, Driss Eddike, Monique Tillard, Claude Belin
2004 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
Key indicators Single-crystal X-ray study T = 293 K Mean '(C±C) = 0.004 A Ê R factor = 0.038 wR factor = 0.109 Data-to-parameter ratio = 19.6 For details of how these key indicators were automatically derived from the article, see http://journals.iucr.org/e. # 2004 International Union of Crystallography Printed in Great Britain ± all rights reserved The title compound, [Cu 2 Cl 2 (C 14 H 23 N 5 O) 2 ]Cl 2 Á2H 2 O, crystallizes with the dinuclear molecule located on a centre of symmetry. The
more » ... f symmetry. The coordination geometry around the Cu atom is distorted octahedral, with three N atoms and one Cl atom in the equatorial plane, whereas the axial positions are occupied by the other Cl atom and the hydroxy group. There are two additional Cl À anions and two water molecules in the asymmetric unit. In®nite hydrogen-bonded chains involving OÐHÁ Á ÁCl interactions are formed.
doi:10.1107/s1600536804005434 fatcat:drj3ytjtqbb3jopntigogkv7u4