Deep Matrix Factorization for Trust-Aware Recommendation in Social Networks

Liangtian Wan, Feng Xia, Xiangjie Kong, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Runhe Huang, Jianhua Ma
2020 IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering  
Recent years have witnessed remarkable information overload in online social networks, and social network based approaches for recommender systems have been widely studied. The trust information in social networks among users is an important factor for improving recommendation performance. Many successful recommendation tasks are treated as the matrix factorization problems. However, the prediction performance of matrix factorization based methods largely depends on the matrixes initialization
more » ... f users and items. To address this challenge, we develop a novel trust-aware approach based on deep learning to alleviate the initialization dependence. First, we propose two deep matrix factorization (DMF) techniques, i.e., linear DMF and non-linear DMF to extract features from the user-item rating matrix for improving the initialization accuracy. The trust relationship is integrated into the DMF model according to the preference similarity and the derivations of users on items. Second, we exploit deep marginalized Denoising Autoencoder (Deep-MDAE) to extract the latent representation in the hidden layer from the trust relationship matrix to approximate the user factor matrix factorized from the user-item rating matrix. The community regularization is integrated in the joint optimization function to take neighbours' effects into consideration. The results of DMF are applied to initialize the updating variables of Deep-MDAE in order to further improve the recommendation performance. Finally, we validate that the proposed approach outperforms state-of-the-art baselines for recommendation, especially for the cold-start users.
doi:10.1109/tnse.2020.3044035 fatcat:jfrirag34zcuvdjyda7tqo556i