Acute subdural hematoma immediately after extended transsphenoidal surgery for craniopharyngioma

Fukuhara Noriaki, Nishioka Hiroshi, Yamada Shozo
2014 Turkish Neurosurgery  
█ CASE REPORT A 74-year-old woman had been suffering from appetite loss and depression for a year prior to examination and was diagnosed with craniopharyngioma, panhypopituitarism, and diabetes insipidus. Following hormonal replacement therapy, her appetite loss and depression improved. When the craniopharyngioma was first diagnosed, she did not have any visual disturbances. However, her vision deteriorated and she was referred to our hospital for surgical treatment. Her tumor was 30×16×15 mm
more » ... r was 30×16×15 mm in size, cystic, and extended from the sella to the third ventricle (Figure 1 ). She underwent extended TSS and the tumor was totally resected. The tumor mildly adhered to the floor of third ventricle, and the third ventricle was not opened. The operation was uneventfully completed, and any abnormal findings, for example cerebral edema or brain shift, were not revealed in the suprasellar region by endoscopy.
doi:10.5137/1019-5149.jtn.12717-14.2 pmid:27349402 fatcat:lh2oqwoudnaj3abggiqedaf7jq