Computer simulation of the effects of shoe cushioning on internal and external loading during running impacts

Ross H. Miller, Joseph Hamill
2009 Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering  
Biomechanical aspects of running injuries are often inferred from external loading measurements. However, previous research has suggested that relationships between external loading and potential injury-inducing internal loads can be complex and nonintuitive. Further, the loading response to training interventions can vary widely between subjects. In this study, we use a subject-specific computer simulation approach to estimate internal and external loading of the distal tibia during the impact
more » ... a during the impact phase for two runners when running in shoes with different midsole cushioning parameters. The results suggest that: (1) changes in tibial loading induced by footwear are not reflected by changes in ground reaction force (GRF) magnitudes; (2) the GRF loading rate is a better surrogate measure of tibial loading and stress fracture risk than the GRF magnitude; and (3) averaging results across groups may potentially mask differential responses to training interventions between individuals.
doi:10.1080/10255840802695437 pmid:19225961 fatcat:gjutltshz5hepn6qzuicth6qiq