Comparison of Crop Growth and Evapotranspiration Simulations between Noah Multi Physics Model and CERES-Rice Model
Noah Multi Physics 모델과 CERES-Rice 모델의 작물 생육 및 증발산 모의 비교

Kwangsoo Kim, Minseok kang, Haneul Jeong, Joon Kim
2013 Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology  
Biophysical and biochemical processes through which crops interact with the atmosphere have been simulated using land surface models and crop growth models. The Noah Multi Physics (MP) model and the CERES-Rice model, which are a land surface model, and a crop growth model, respectively, were used to simulate and compare rice growth and evapotranspiration (ET) in the areas near Haenam flux tower in Korea. Simulations using these models were performed from 2003 to 2012 during which flux
more » ... hich flux measurements were obtained at the Haenam site. The Noah MP model failed to simulate the pattern of temporal change in leaf area index (LAI) after heading. The simulated aboveground biomass with the Noah MP model was underestimated by about 10% of the actual biomass. The ET simulated with the Noah MP model was as low as 21% of those with the CERES-Rice model. In comparison with actual ET measured at Haenam flux site, the root mean square error (RMSE) of the Noah MP model was 1.8 times larger than that of the CERES-Rice model. The Noah MP model seems to show less reliable simulation of crop growth and ET due to simplified phenology processes and assimilates partitioning compared with the CERES-Rice model. When ET was adjusted by the ratio between leaf biomass simulated using CERES-Rice model and Noah MP model, however, the RMSE of ET was reduced by 30%. This suggests that an improvement of the Noah MP model in representing rice growth in paddy fields would allow more reliable simulation of matter and energy fluxes.
doi:10.5532/kjafm.2013.15.4.282 fatcat:6wx7lo3tnrguvour7gfqg4n3qe