Adaptive Beamforming Method for Turning Towed Line Array SONAR

2014 The Journal of the Acoustical Society of Korea  
In order to detect underwater acoustic signals, various SONAR array types have been developed, including towed line array SONAR system (TASS). However, the TASS suffers from performance degradation which is caused by aperture deformation during a turn, because the TASS have a long-aperture array. A parabolic array model for turning TASS have been developed to solve the degradation problem occurred during a turn. In this paper, adaptive beamforming system is developed using the parabolic TASS
more » ... el to cancel interference signals. The developed beamforming system is based on generalized sidelobe canceller (GSC) structure and self-tuning adaptive algorithm.
doi:10.7776/ask.2014.33.6.383 fatcat:52zxv5bgofamfhsxu5nldglome