Group Emotion Recognition Using Machine Learning [article]

Samanyou Garg
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Automatic facial emotion recognition is a challenging task that has gained significant scientific interest over the past few years, but the problem of emotion recognition for a group of people has been less extensively studied. However, it is slowly gaining popularity due to the massive amount of data available on social networking sites containing images of groups of people participating in various social events. Group emotion recognition is a challenging problem due to obstructions like head
more » ... nd body pose variations, occlusions, variable lighting conditions, variance of actors, varied indoor and outdoor settings and image quality. The objective of this task is to classify a group's perceived emotion as Positive, Neutral or Negative. In this report, we describe our solution which is a hybrid machine learning system that incorporates deep neural networks and Bayesian classifiers. Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) work from bottom to top, analysing facial expressions expressed by individual faces extracted from the image. The Bayesian network works from top to bottom, inferring the global emotion for the image, by integrating the visual features of the contents of the image obtained through a scene descriptor. In the final pipeline, the group emotion category predicted by an ensemble of CNNs in the bottom-up module is passed as input to the Bayesian Network in the top-down module and an overall prediction for the image is obtained. Experimental results show that the stated system achieves 65.27% accuracy on the validation set which is in line with state-of-the-art results. As an outcome of this project, a Progressive Web Application and an accompanying Android app with a simple and intuitive user interface are presented, allowing users to test out the system with their own pictures.
arXiv:1905.01118v1 fatcat:62anlz7mxvhwvfaeqxifz3qpmu