1908 Canadian Entomologist  
The writer has in preparation some synoptic tables of the eastern species of Saw-flies. In this synoptic paper, it is not desirable to present the descriptions of new species. This paper and some others to follow later will include the descriptions of snch new species as are to be included there. Dolerus parasericeus, n. sp.-? . Surface of the scutellar appendage entirely smooth ; pectus with three longitudinal royrs of large punctures I antennal furrows with their outer edges continued. by an
more » ... levated area to the eye; head rounded off between the vertex and the occiput ; the postocular area with fewer, smaller punctLlres than the sides of the vertex; the scutellum and the inflexed portion of the lateral lobes of the mesonotum with the pr.rnctuation similar in size and approximately similar in number to the dorsal surface of the lateral lobes; body dull black; wings infuscated, especially around the margins. Length, ro mm. Ilabitat: Ithaca, N. Y. Dolerus neosericeus, n. sp.-?, This species differs frorn the preceding in having the scutellum and inflexed portion of the mesonotum with the punctuation larger and distinctly more nllmerous than on the dorsal surface of the mesonotum ; antennal furrows behind the ocelli distinct and sharply cut ; upper orbits with an impunctate area ; median l<rbe of the mesonotum distinctly, more densely punctured than the lateral lobes; body dull black; wings fuliginous. Length, r2 mm. Habitat: Ithaca, N. Y., and Mt. I(atahdin, Maine (J. O. Martin). Dolerus polltsericeus, n. sp.i . Pectus with three longituCinai rows of large punctures I antennal furrorvs not traceable below the lateralocelli; scutellum with fewer punctures than the lateral lobes of the mesonotum, and its punctLlres twice their size ; postocular area more finely punctured than the posterior orbits ; head with a carina between the occiput and the posterior orbits ; body dull black ; wings infuscated. Length, r r mm.
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