Link-up the requirements and testing - How much progress has been made?

Marc Luisiana, Alissa Murthor
2014 Revista Antioqueña de las Ciencias Computacionales y la Ingeniería de Software (RACCIS)  
In Requirement Engineer are conducted two fundamental process of software engineer: 1) specification of system expectations, and 2) tests to ensure that they are fulfil. Giving its importance to product quality and efficient develop is crucial they are aligned. In literature can be found a wide investigation in both fields, but scarce the works about how link them. In this work is presented a study with the goal of mapping this situation, and to identify useful approaches to future research.
more » ... r 100 jobs found only 35 were considered relevant to make them a discussion in the light of the sub-categories of models based on evidence and traceability.
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