QE Neutrino CC Cross Sections off [sup 16]O

A. V. Butkevich, S. A. Kulagin, Geralyn P. Zeller, Jorge G. Morfin, Flavio Cavanna
2007 AIP Conference Proceedings  
The charged-current quasi-elastic scattering of muon neutrino on oxygen target is computed for neutrino energy between 200 MeV and 2.5 GeV using different approximations: the Plane Wave Impulse Approximation (PWIA), the Relativistic Distorted Wave Impulse Approximation with relativistic optical potential (RDWIA), and the Relativistic Fermi Gas Model (RFGM). The comparison with RFGM, which is widely used in data analyses of neutrino experiments, shows that the RFGM fails completely when applied
more » ... o exclusive cross section data and leads to overestimated values of inclusive and total cross sections.
doi:10.1063/1.2834496 fatcat:ohfq6ukopzfqfm6phc764ws47m