As Ciências Sociais e a Filosofia

P. Bourdieu
2007 Educação & Linguagem  
By taking Philosophy and its history as object, Sociology can contribute to the efforts of Philosophy to free itself from the constraints that determine it. Philosophy tends to resolve the antinomy of historicity and truth by updating past works through commentary. This presupposes more or less complete denial of historicity. Such refusal is common to the three ways of explicitly dealing with such antinomy: the primal revelation (Heidegger), the retrospective construction of past philosophies
more » ... past philosophies as theoretical possibilities (Kant), and the Dialectics which transcends and conserves (Hegel). A genuine social history that relocated philosophy in the field of cultural production and in the social field as a whole would make it possible to understand philosophies and their succession as something other than the "philosophizing philosophy of history" and, at the same time, would enable present-day philosophers to free themselves from the established "un-thought" inscribed into their heritage.
doi:10.15603/2176-1043/el.v10n16p19-36 fatcat:ydm7tgwadnh4xpi5ccizvuiae4