Field- and Lab-Based Potentiometric Titrations of Microbial Mats from the Fairmont Hot Spring, Canada

Tyler J. Warchola, Shannon L. Flynn, Leslie J. Robbins, Yuxia Liu, Tina Gauger, Olga Kovalchuk, Md. Samrat Alam, Siwen Wei, Reed Myers, Brendan Bishop, Stefan V. Lalonde, Murray K. Gingras (+3 others)
2017 Geomicrobiology Journal  
Potentiometric titrations have been used as an effective means for determining surface reactivity and protonation constants for microbial surface ligands. The data gathered from the experiments have been applied to remediation projects with the aim of determining accurate metal immobilization estimates. These data have been generated in a laboratory setting using cultured microbes. We have attempted to investigate the implications of carrying out these titrations in situ at the sampling
more » ... he sampling location, to attempt to determine reactivities more representative of the natural conditions. We hoped to distinguish the differences in titrating microbial mats in the field versus in the laboratory. Unfortunately, authigenic carbonate minerals complicated this process. We have highlighted the difficulties in titrating microbial mats in the field, and have made suggestions for future endeavors. It is clear that conditions under which surface reactivities are determined are much more complex in the field than in the laboratory. This preliminary study highlights the significant differences between field and laboratory surface reactivities, and the need for further in situ field investigations.
doi:10.1080/01490451.2017.1282557 fatcat:4b2xovpee5fn5d4334ifoodr3u