Designing Two Self-Assembly Mechanisms into One Viral Capsid Protein

Mark B. van Eldijk, Joseph C.-Y. Wang, Inge J. Minten, Chenglei Li, Adam Zlotnick, Roeland J. M. Nolte, Jeroen J. L. M. Cornelissen, Jan C. M. van Hest
2012 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
A structural fusion protein of the thermally-responsive elastin-like polypeptide and a viral capsid protein (ELP-CP) was designed and the assembly properties were investigated. Interestingly, this protein-based block copolymer could be self-assembled via two mechanisms into two different, well-defined nanocapsules: (1) pH-induced assembly yielded 28 nm virus-like particles and (2) ELP-induced assembly yielded 18 nm virus-like particles. The latter were a result of the emergent properties of the
more » ... fusion protein. This work shows the feasibility to create a self-assembly system with new properties by combining two structural protein elements.
doi:10.1021/ja308132z pmid:23101937 pmcid:PMC3510441 fatcat:hledtcrm6nf2baiw5jw3vl7t6y