Characterising changes in the numerical competence and confidence of students between MPharm I and MPharm II

Sion Coulman, Farah Arikat, Dai John
2014 Proceedings of the Manchester Pharmacy Education Conference   unpublished
Diagnostic numeracy tools are valuable in testing inherent numeracy skills of incoming university students. 1 The study aims were to use a diagnostic numeracy tool to establish if the numerical competence and confidence of MPharm students at one UK school of pharmacy improved after one year in higher education and to determine the factors which govern numeracy skills. Method: In October 2011, MPharm I students sat a contextualised diagnostic numeracy test and one year later (on entering MPharm
more » ... on entering MPharm II) sat exactly the same test. Students were not informed in advance of the test. Statistical analyses were conducted in SPSS on the data of 140 students. Ethics approval was obtained.
doi:10.3927/226811 fatcat:bhhqpsxkyjflxg7a2tqg2ggtuq