Distinct element analysis and model test of granular ground - Ground movement due to shallow tunneling
粒状体地盤の離散剛要素法解析と模型実験 地下浅所のトンネルによる地盤変形

Hideo KIYAMA, Hisashi FUJIMURA, Takashi FUTAGI
1986 Journal of the Society of Materials Science Japan  
In order to study the ground movement due to shallow tunneling, the lowering panel model was analysed by the distinct element method (DEM) as well as by the experiments under the same conditions. The quite similar deformation behavior of granular ground was observed both in the time scale and in the geometry by the two methods. This fact seems to verify the usefulness of the DEM simulation. Based on the results obtained by the DEM analysis and the experiments, the behavior of particles and the
more » ... particles and the pattern of ground movements were discussed. As the characteristic particle behavior, the initial failure zone, roof-arch, ground-arch and sliding plane were clarified in the model. It was found that they were controlled by the contact angle of particles in the particle array. Thus, the different particle arrays cause different types of ground movements, which can be classified in such typical patterns, as V-funnel type, W-funnel type, chimny type and funnel-chimny coexistence type.
doi:10.2472/jsms.35.466 fatcat:e6f4hc6qgrar3asm7pre4rgdee