Energy Storage System Control Algorithm by Operating Target Power to Improve Energy Sustainability of Smart Home

Byeongkwan Kang, Kyuhee Jang, Sounghoan Park, Myeong-in Choi, Sehyun Park
2018 Sustainability  
As energy issues are emerging around the world, a variety of smart home technologies aimed at realizing zero energy houses are being introduced. Energy storage system (ESS) for smart home energy independence is increasingly gaining interest. However, limitations exist in that most of them are controlled according to time schedules or used in conjunction with photovoltaic (PV) generation systems. In consideration of load usage patterns and PV generation of smart home, this study proposes an ESS
more » ... dy proposes an ESS control algorithm that uses constant energy of energy network while making maximum use of ESS. Constant energy means that the load consumes a certain amount of power under all conditions, which translates to low variability. The proposed algorithm makes a smart home a load of energy network with low uncertainty and complexity. The simulation results show that the optimal ESS operating target power not only makes the smart home use power constantly from the energy network, but also maximizes utilization of the ESS. In addition, since the smart home is a load that uses constant energy, it has the advantage of being able to operate an efficient energy network from the viewpoint of energy providers.
doi:10.3390/su10010236 fatcat:qwtibu6s6fcdpebnw7qllvtasq