Traversability, Reconfiguration, and Reachability in the Gadget Framework [chapter]

Joshua Ani, Erik D. Demaine, Yevhenii Diomidov, Dylan Hendrickson, Jayson Lynch
2022 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Consider an agent traversing a graph of "gadgets", each with local state that changes with each traversal by the agent. We characterize the complexity of universal traversal, where the goal is to traverse every gadget at least once, for DAG gadgets, one-state gadgets, and reversible deterministic gadgets. We also study the complexity of reconfiguration, where the goal is to bring the system of gadgets to a specified state, proving many cases PSPACE-complete, and showing in some cases that
more » ... iguration can be strictly harder than reachability (where the goal is for the agent to reach a specified location), while in other cases, reachability is strictly harder than reconfiguration.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-96731-4_5 fatcat:twq6ly7bhrd2jdrh4q7mq242ie