Petrology of Peridotite and Pyroxenite Xenoliths from the Jericho Kimberlite: Implications for the Thermal State of the Mantle beneath the Slave Craton, Northern Canada

1999 Journal of Petrology  
We report comprehensive petrological and thermobarometric data for state the following types of mantle xenoliths from the Jericho kimberlite in the Slave craton: (1) coarse peridotite; (2) porphyroclastic peridotite; (3) megacrystalline pyroxenite; (4) ilmenite-garnet wehrlite and clinopyroxenite. The varieties of the upper-mantle xenoliths,
doi:10.1093/petrology/40.1.79 fatcat:bvlpqj5c3bft5adl62kxtgjfs4