Experimental Treatment with the Natural Water Acidifier Provigoro® for Nosema spp. Control: Preliminary Results

Antonios E. Tsagkarakis, Chrysostomos Rokkas, Ioannis Katsimpoulas
2015 Advances in Entomology  
Honey bee colonies in Peloponnesos, Greece, were sampled in spring 2014 to evaluate efficacy of Provigoro®, a natural water acidifier, against Nosema spp. Colonies treated with Provigoro® showed reduced Nosema spore load than did colonies that received only sugar syrup treatment, which finally collapsed. Preliminary results suggest that Provigoro® was successful at reducing nosemosis in Apis mellifera colonies.
doi:10.4236/ae.2015.33009 fatcat:6mlpkfridjadvld6tizg4zpys4