A Survey on Soft Computing Techniques for Spectrum Sensing in a Cognitive Radio Network

Geoffrey Eappen, T Shankar
2020 SN Computer Science  
The need for faster wireless connectivity is increasing rapidly in all the sectors of the technologies. Whether it is a patient monitoring system, military application, entertainment services, streaming services, or global stock markets, there is a tremendous increase in the need for enhanced wireless telecommunication services. The wireless telecommunication consumers rely on bulk data, and massive growth in the number of users has resulted in the spectrum congestion. To avoid such spectrum
more » ... gestion and to satisfy the data hunger of the wireless telecommunication users, the possible solution is Cognitive Radio Network (CRN). A CRN, therefore, plays a significant role in the field of wireless communication, and an efficient spectrum sensing enhances the effectiveness of the CRN. In this paper, complete research carried out so far in the field of spectrum sensing for CRN is discussed. Different soft computing techniques (GA, PSO, ABC, ACO, FFA, FSS, Cuckoo Search, ANN, FIS, GFIS) are surveyed in this paper, along with a detailed comparative analysis between conventional and soft computing techniques for spectrum sensing. In addition to that, the challenges faced in the implementation of CRN and its requirements is also addressed. Different spectrum sensing elements and requirements are presented and road map of spectrum sensing with soft computing techniques towards 5G is discussed. Furthermore, the paper also suggests the future prospects, research challenges and open issues associated with soft computing techniques for spectrum sensing in CRN.
doi:10.1007/s42979-020-00372-z fatcat:jk3gcvhp3batdgwyc47hv7y54e